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Porsche 911 Racing Legends:

911 ST 2,3 ltr 1970 Factory Racing Version

This 911 ST, 2.3 ltr, conda green, is one of approx. 30 racing versions built by Porsche in 1970/71 and was ordered by the Finnish racing team A.A.W. and delivered new in August 1970. The team owner was Antti Aarnio Wihuri, a Finnish industrialist. The car has a complete documentation. The Kardex card has a note that this car was transferred from series production to the motorsport department. The Kardex card is dated 7 July 1970 and the first race took place at the end of 1970. Driver: Björn Waldegaard.

The Porsche certificate states that the car was transferred from series production to the motorsport department. The M491 racing version option was not offered by Porsche until 1972.
The following modifications were carried out in the Porsche Motorsport Department on 5 June 1970:

Set of plastic plastic fenders mounted at the front
Steel rear extensions welded in
Bumper front plastic mounted
Rear bumper plastic mounted
Plastic front hood mounted
Plastic windows Triangular windows Door windows Side windows Rear window mounted
Rubber bracket for front bumper fitted
Bumper seal
Window rails with rubber
Rubber profile for rear window
Porsche lettering mounted on side
100 ltr. fueltank with central filler mounted
Engine changed from 2,2 ltr. to 2,3 ltr. according to the Kardex card: Engine upgraded to performance
There is documentation from 05.06.1971 of the Porsche Motorsport Department concerning the preparation for the 1000km race Nürburgring 1971.

Race History:

04/10/1970 Keimola 500, car n°1, driver: Björn Waldegaard
02/05/1971 Mantorp Park, car n°6, driver: Björn Waldegaard, result: 3' over all
09/05/1971 Anderstorp Raceway, car n°3, driver Björn Waldegaard, result: 3rd over all
30/05/1971 1000 Km Nürburgring, car n°88, driver : Leo Kinnunen & Waldegaard, result: 3" in GT
23/05/1971 Kinnekulle, car n°3, driver : Björn Waldegaard, result: 3' over all
1971 Arctic Rally, car n°22, driver: Antti Aarnio-Wihuri, result: Winner, 1' over all

1977 Ahveniston Vauhtikisat ,car n°17,driver: Sauli Kangas
19/03/1978 Leruring Melk ( Austria ), driver: Martti Kangas
23/04/1978 Rallypista Santo Spirito, Gropello Cairoli ( Italy ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 9th
21/05/1978 Ring Knutstorp, Kageröd ( Sweden ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 6th
28/05/1978 Keimolan Moottoristadion, Vantaa ( Finland ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 9th
25/06/1978 Duivelsbergcircuit, Maasmechelen ( Belgium ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 6th
20/08/1978 Eurocircuit, Valkenswaard ( Netherlands ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 5th
03/09/1978 Circuit de LohAac ( France ), driver: Martti Kangas
09/09/1978 Lydden Circuit, Wootton ( Great Britain ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 4th
01/10/1978 Estering, Buxtehude ( Germany ), driver: Martti Kangas, result: 10th
1978 FIA European Rallycross Martti Kangas: 14' over all ( 37 points )

1985 Silja Rally-Cross, driver: Jorma Vilander

18/05/1986 Hämeenlinna, car n°28, driver: Jorma Vilander

31/05/1987 Rossvoll, Nordic Cup, driver: Jorma Vilander
1987 Vaasa, driver: Jorma Vilander
16/06/1987 Saari, Nordic Cup, driver: Jorma Vilander
1987 Nordic Cup, Luokka 2, driver: Jorma Vilander

03/09/1988 Rossvoll, Nordic Cup, driver: Jorma Vilander 1988 Mega Vauhtipäivät, Nordic Cup, driver:  Jorma Vilander

20/09/2008 Yleiskilpailun tulos, car n°40, driver: Jorma Vilander

15/05/2010 Lauantaina Raahessa, car n°116, driver: Jorma Vilander
2010 Kuva Vuodeita, car n°16, driver: Jorma Vilander

24/06/2011 lso-Syöte Mäkiajot, car n°33, driver: Jorma Vilander
Ownership history from 1970-2021

1970 Antti AARNIO-WIHURI for the A.A.W. Racing Team, Finland
1977 Martti KANGAS, Finland
sold to Ulf LARSSON, Sweden
1985 to 2019 Jorma VILANDER, Finland
2019 sold to the present owner

 The restoration of the rare works racing version of the 911 ST 2.3 ltr completed in 2021 presents itself in perfect original condition

911 RSR | 3.0 | 1974 | Original vehicle

 An RSR 3.0 from 1974. Many first places by Edy Brandenberger.

Sports car in perfection

Since the early 80s, the enthusiasm for the fascinating sports cars from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen has grown steadily. ROOCK has since looked back on national and international successes in motorsport: class victory in the GT2 category at the "24 Hours of Le Mans" in 1996, winning the FIA GT2 World Championship in the same year. In historic motorsport, further victories were achieved at the "24h Le Mans Classic" in 2016 and 2018. The original racing car Porsche 911 RSR 3.0, perfectly prepared by ROOCK Sportsystem, was driven by Michael Roock and Uwe Alzen and finished first in the GTS class with best time and pole position. ... more information of „24h Le Mans Classic 2018“ ...

With professional planning, attention to detail, the best technology and experience from motorsport, ROOCK Sportsystem is dedicated to the restoration of historic Porsches as well as the construction and use of racing vehicles.

Our motto: preserve Porsche's historic cultural assets.

Our Race Experience for Your Benefit

Owners and drivers of current or classic Porsche models are in good hands at ROOCK Sportsystem – like a race driver in a professional team. Concerning the range of services offered by Michael Roock and his crew virtually no wish is left open. The range includes high-quality second-hand cars, repairing and servicing, restoration of historic models as well as preparing and running of race cars from all eras of the long and rich history of Porsche.

ROOCK Sportsystem GmbH, klassische Porsche


Preserving historical values, conserving driving pleasure for the long term

914, ROOCK Sportsystem GmbH

The myth that surrounds the Swabian sports car forge is immortal. The ravages of time do not always leave their mark on the fascinating models from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen - especially if they are used frequently. Regardless of whether it's a 911 or a 914: anyone who wants to restore their sprightly used car to pristine condition is in good hands with ROOCK.

With expert hands, master coachbuilder and master car mechanic Michael Roock also restores aged classics to their former glory - inside and out, visually and technically. So that your automotive cultural asset is well prepared for the future and its owners will enjoy it in the long term, not only because of the expected increase in value.

Racing vehicles

Sports car to dare the sport

There are many fast cars. But hardly any other manufacturer has understood like the sports car legend from Stuttgart how to produce vehicles that can really cope with the stress of racing. The number of Porsche owners who regularly test the potential of their 911 on closed circuits is correspondingly high.

 Anyone who wants to measure their driving talent against others in a sporting competition is dependent on a professionally prepared racing car. ROOCK Sportsystem applies its cumulative experience as the most successful Porsche private customer team of the 1990s to the construction and preparation of competition vehicles - regardless of whether it is a 911 Carrera RS from 1972 or the GT3 version of the current model series. On request, the specialists from Leverkusen can also take over the operation at the race weekends on behalf of the customer.

993, ROOCK Sportsystem GmbH

Road vehicles

If not now – when?

356, Michael Roock, Mille Miglia

With expert hands, master coachbuilder and master car mechanic Michael Roock restores even aged classics to their former glory - inside and out, visually and technically. So that your automotive cultural asset is well equipped for the future and its owners can enjoy it in the long term, not only because of the expected increase in value.

Our workshop

The pit stop for your road vehicle

Sports cars from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen are commodities. They belong on the road, not in a museum. With careful care and maintenance, they are among the most robust vehicles on the market. No wonder that their owners are particularly selective when choosing a service partner. ROOCK's workshop is staffed by specialists who have learned their trade at Le Mans, Daytona and Spa-Francorchamps and who have doused their masterpieces with winning champagne. Who work on precious racing cars when they are not looking after your vehicle.

In doing so, ROOCK relies on state-of-the-art work processes and strict quality control - which was confirmed by TÜV Rheinland as early as 2002 with the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.
Our range of services:

  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Engine and gearbox repairs
  • Complete accident repairs incl. painting
  • Insurance processing
  • commissioning of a damage assessor
  • bodywork conversions
  • Transport service, vehicle collection and delivery